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Rupert Quigley

Mr. Quigley is the founder and president of the Mass Militia. >>>

Stephen Johns

Stephen joined the Militia in 2005. He works as chief of manufacturing. Mr. Johns is also head of the Future Progress Administration >>>

Rupert Quigley

On December 13th of 1976 Rupert Quigley was born in Irving, Texas. At 11:52 that day, Rupert hit the ground running. Playing with G.I. Joe as a child, Rupert knew his destiny very early. At an eager age of 17 he enlisted in the United States Army to give back to the country that gave so much to him. In ten years of service Rupert served all over the world as an M1A1 tanker.

Shortly after Rupert’s patriotic service he created a small online business selling MRE’S as military surplus. The business grew leaps and bounds into the versatile design-build-supply company the Mass Militia. Mr. Quigley developed the personal philosophy that no one should be left behind.

Today Rupert enjoys working as a volunteer for private organizations lending support to veterans of all eras of war. With as much energy and vitality as a child, Rupert is dedicated to bridging the gap between civilian life and the military experience.