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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a physical store I can visit?
Since the company’s rapid growth, we moved into the new factory we currently reside. Mass Militia no longer has a storefront. We are always considering locations for a future store location(s). If there is somewhere you would like to suggest please contact us.
Is the Mass Militia factory open to the public?
Unfortunately, the factory is fully secured from the outside. Since our factory is full of highly sensitive materials and the most revolutionary products, we can not entertain visitors.
How can I send a gift to the Militia for the sake of supporting the troops?
You can absolutely send gifts in many forms. The preferred method is by pay pal. Giving a one time payment is a great way to help the efforts we make in supporting the troops. With a simple payment we can maximize the amount we receive. We will then transform your donation into the best products in the most needed area.
How can I join the Militia? Is there a way to volunteer or intern at the Mass Militia?
At this time we are currently not accepting more members or interns. Please check back in the future on our briefing room page.
Are there discounts in ordering in bulk?
There are discounts on select merchandise. As a general rule of thumb products that are one of a kind carry no discounts. Other products can be discounted on a case by case basis by contacting our sales dept.
I would like to distribute Mass Militia products, who do I contact?
Mass Militia will consider distribution only out of the United States. For international distribution contact us by general inquiry.
Note; we always appreciate hearing from all our fans and customers. We sincerely would like to answer all the questions we receive, however, due to the large volume of emails we are not able to respond to every request.